5 Best offline Games like PUBG Mobile for android

Hey guys, are you searching for some best Games like PUBG Mobile for Android.? If yes! then it’s great for you, Because here we created a list of Top 5 Best games like PUBG mobile for android, Which Helps you to find your best offline games like PUBG mobile.
So Techootech this side, and we are here back again to provide you some best valuable and exciting offline games like PUBG mobile for your android phone.
offline Games like PUBG
So, As you know PUBG Mobile is on trending now, Every gamer’s who are using internet they love to play PUBG mobile, But on the other hand those do not have internet or not have enough space to play PUBG mobile in their smart phone, they are looking for some offline games which is usually like as PUBG mobile. After seeing this we had created a top 5 best offline games like PUBG Mobile for Android which Help’s you to short out your problem and make you all happy.
Are you excited now to see the list of 5 Best offline Games like PUBG Mobile for android .?
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5 Offline Games like PUBG Mobile for Android

1. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

offline Games like PUBG

offline Games like PUBG
Cover Fire: is one of the best Offline shooting game where your duty is to lead the battle team and become the best shooter in snipping. Here you just need to Download now and enjoy the free best offline shooting game on smart phone.
Some new New Features: Sniper FPS Black Ops. You received the call or shoutout for the duty to defeat all enemies players, According to the time runs out. Racing against the time and shoot! Each target adds 3 seconds to survive in.
Now It’s time to take action in the battle ground the prove yourself a pro one, Call your best sniper shooter and combat on the frontline. Just for Shoot to kill in special ops and survive in this addictive sniper 3d shooting game (Cover Fire).
Join this shooting resistance battle and command this battle like a commander. Pick your weapon, strike the enemy army with a hail of bullet, grenades, massive guns. Release the Fury of this fire war.
In Cover of the game, You get received the call for duty to be the shooter who lead a squad of veterans through sieged cities, deserts and fields and many more that is taken by guerrillas, and defeat all kind of enemies in the war with the Highest quality graphics, greatest arsenal and the best offline gameplay on smart phone.
Build your own style strategy in the battleground and kill your enemy from all sides around. Face limitless ops action in the online tournaments game mode.pick up your weapons from a killing arsenal and level up your soldiers with unique shooter skills and win it.

2. Black Ops SWAT – Game Offline Action Free FPS

best games for android offline
best games for android offline
Black Ops Swat is an awesome offline action-packed game that comes with lots of features. in this offline shooter game here you can also use many various power shooting weapons. you can also customize and turn them into a high power weapon. Do you know that Black Ops Swat is a fast action 3d shooting game…? So why are you waiting to download the first 3d shooting game…?
The entire storyline when you see after that you can decide the victory of the modern battlefield with the best FPS action game. you can also lead your elite force in this action-packed commando game to fight in the bullet of siege.
When you play this game you will feel that you are in the world war and here you have to defeat all the enemies for survival.
Black Ops SWAT features:
  • very difficult but awesome AI FPS missions
  • this is a storyline base game and that increase gaming experience.
this is a first-person shooting game and if you are a fan of FPS game then this will addict you:):) because in this First-person shooting game it will provide you some awesome cool opportunity to play. This FPS shooting game has some awesome/stunning graphics that impress can impress anyone. here the Sniper FPS Black Ops. Receive the call for duty on the battlefield!
Here you can also play in PVP mode and here your first target is to face off against the greatest opponent of FPS Shooter games in single-player mode! here you are the special ops in this FPS shooting game and you have lots of awesome features to keep the action going at a fast pace.
This game provides you an awesome FPS shooting experience and you know you have here unlimited ammo and also you can ho anywhere to take a cover to avoid sniper assassins and anti-counter-terrorist spy agents.
If you don’t want to play online games? then don’t worry about it because this game allows you to play online or offline. Compelling sounds, amazing graphics, and modern weapons in the best mobile-first shooter game.
This is to easy to master on the controls. So you after playing one or two gameplay you will become a master of the game’s setting.

3. Ninja Dash Run – Epic Arcade Offline Games 2020

best games for android offline
best games for android offline
Ninja Dash run is an awesome offline game in 2020. In this game here you will experience the Time killer with the stunning graphics quality. Here only you who will tap and swipe to kill demons enemies while you are running and jumping for your life. By playing more you will become the best ninja dash warrior in this epic arcade Japanese adventure.
how to play:
  • To play this game properly just you have to tap on your screen on the left side to perform a dashed. By double jumping, you can easily avoid the enemies and the attacks of the enemies.
  • if you want to attack the enemies just you have to Tap on the right side of the screen and that will make your Ninja dash character to attack the enemies.
  • By collecting coins and gems you can also upgrade your ninja and turn him into a powerful dash.
Game’s features: 
  • Here you will see many different kinds of enemies such as devils, demons, and epic bosses. And here in this Running game, you have to Jump to avoid the attacks of enemies and attack them to defeat.
  • You can also unlock new ninja warrior characters and upgrade your weapons and that makes the levels easier.
  • the manufacturer provides you many various ninja warriors to choose any of them like (Senji, Shiro, Tetsu, Kira, Bonzu, Hana, Akane, and more to come). all of the Ninja warriors have their own unique different ninja weapons (katana, stick, shuriken, etc), skills and attacks.
  • 8 different Japanese anime arcade scenarios with epic adventure levels.

4. Sci-Fi Tower Defense Offline Game. Module TD

best games for android offline
best games for android offline
Tower Defense Offline game is the best offline tower defense game in the defense genre. This game also comes with lots of features that help you to make your own strategy to defend the tower. here you have to use different epic and unique towers that help you to defend the tower.
In this game, here your first goal is to defend your territory by obstructing the enemy attackers. Here you have to create your own unique strategy by placing defensive structures on their path of attack to make sure that your territory will safe from the enemies.
The area which you defend is located in space so that you are in the space and your first job is to defend the territory. Here you also have many waves of multiple incoming “enemies” that must be defended against. Everything will depend on you because your ability and your skills of strategy will ensure that you will succeed or not.
The territory is highly customizable with 5 basic elements and more than 31 sci fi modules making your defense unique. Overcome incredible odds and build a defense with strategy and wit.
Module Tower Defense features:
  • in this game here you will see 80+ levels to complete so that it will not boar you.
  • Also, you can Customize your towers to fit your strategic plan and defend against the enemies.
  • Also, you can plan your actions carefully and adapt to the ever-changing battlefield as the level
    transform itself during the battle
  • There a vast amount of modular elements are available and that can give your tower some other additional unique effects.
  • Find ultimate combos as Modules can amplify each other’s performance
  • Each of the enemies has its own special abilities that can have a devastating effect on your defenses.
  • The Elements also give you some special bonuses and perks against certain enemies.
  • There are 3 different skills are available that can give you yet another way to customize your experience.

5. Delivery From the Pain: Survive

best games for android offline
best games for android offline
Delivery from the pain: Survive is an awesome survival strategy game with a fantastic RPG storyline. Do you know it may take over 30 hours to unlock one ending if you are familiar with survival games…? and that is the most challenging thing of this game. here you are not an Alice here you are just a simple and ordinary survivor in a horrible, zombie-ridden world. During your adventure you will:
  • In this game here you can fight against many varieties of Zombies with different strengths and weaknesses to unlock exciting boss fights.
  • Also, you will Meet different survivors and both of them have their unique personality and touching story. You can have many choices among different scenes, each choice you made will decide the story ahead and lead to different endings.
  • To become a master of this game you have to study and learn how to survive in your night in doomsday by upgrading your shelter and defense system.
Game’s Features
  • In this game here you will see unique doomsday experience with hidden game features.
  • Multiple endings are full of mysteries and surprises. Which one is the truth?
  • In this game here you will also a huge map and on the map, you will also see attractive 3D horrible urban buildings.
  • An array of weapons and a unique sneak system that will provide hours of experimentation in combat and enjoyment of the game.