Best 9 (Awesome) adventure games for android in 2020

Hey gamer’s, Are you searching for best adventure games for android.? If yes! then most welcome here. Techootech here and in this article we are surely going to talk about some “Best 8 (Awesome) adventure games for android in 2020”.
Basically here we created a list of top 5 Best adventure games which helps you to find out your best one.
adventure games for android
Adventure games are very interesting and awesome, It mostly focuses on puzzle solving within a narrative mid games framework, generally they have do not add any action elements. Other popular names for this generation are “graphic adventure” or point-and-click adventure as well, They represent that adventure games are only for simple and tricky people.
Adventure games are not the type of games who define the dictionary of years ago “adventure”. Some are but many forsake danger and mindful excitement for more relaxed in free time. They are also not have role for playing that involve you in extensive combat, team-building and points management as well.
action/adventures such as Uncharted and Prince of Persia where puzzle solving strategy is clearly a secondary focus threw maps; And one other hand side-scrolling platform games such as Super Mario or clash of clans; pure puzzle games like Bejeweled or puzzle pro.

8 Adventure Games for Android

1. Cooking Fever

 adventure games for android
 adventure games for android
Guys if you want to cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world then this game is only for you because it is a perfect game for all cooking lovers.
With a wide choice of unique locations and restaurants, from Desserts and Fast Food to Indian and Chinese cuisines, you will be able to practice your skills in a variety of settings and cooking techniques.
Here you can try hundreds of different delicious ingredients to cook the best premium dishes. Here in this game, you can try all the possible appliances of any kitchen, from coffee makers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers. You can also decorate your restaurant in your choice to attract more clients. 
By making freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes you can make your customers experience more personal and memorable – just like in real life! Upgrade your kitchen and produce an even greater variety of dishes.
Oh, and did we say that this game is as addictive and as engrossing as fever? Have fun cooking and don’t forget to share your delicious meals with your friends on Facebook!
Game’s Features:
  • In this game there you can see thousands of delicious dishes to cook using hundreds of best quality ingredients.
  • It has a huge choice of world-famous cuisines
  • There are more than 1000 levels are available to complete
  • Hundreds and hundreds of upgrades for your kitchen appliances and interior

2. Cooking Cafe Craze – Fast Restaurant Cooking Games

 adventure games for android
 adventure games for android
Guys are you a big fan of all every cooking game or fast restaurant game. Yes, then this one is one of the most popular cooking game. and it comes with a lot of facilities. And if you want to challenge your time management game skills while mastering your quick-cooking skills? Then check out Chef’s Restaurant Craze – Kitchen Cooking Games now presenting to you by *Tiny Kraken Studios*!
Enjoy the cooking rush and fever by tapping quickly to cook and serve different delicious food orders to your customers on time. Spending more time on this game you can improve your skills and become a master chef of cooking.
Prepare, Cook and Serve Food & drinks while having fun in this addictive kitchen game!
Chef’s Restaurant Craze – Kitchen Cooking Games Features:
  • This game is too easy to play and control.
  • To cook you have to just tap on the screen are your food is ready, and after completing the cooking then you have to prepare and serve food & drinks to the customers.
  • In this game there you can see lots of different time management challenges.
  • You can also get coins by serving or completing orders to your customers.
  • here you have to serve the right order and quick.
  • By using the coins you can Upgrade and Decorate your kitchen.
  • Available with yummy food dishes & restaurants.
  • As a chef own your multiple restaurants to run and play.
  • You can also collect daily bonuses while visiting your chef’s kitchen Games.
  • Learn easy cooking & get tips on serving customers.
  • Free to play multiple levels of new restaurant games.
  • Pro Cooking Skills – Fry, Boil, Steam, Grill.
So guys why are you waiting for and why are you wasting your time download now and start cooking a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals in your restaurants in this new kitchen game!
It has 100+ exciting & challenging levels to play so that you won’t get bored in this time management cooking game!

3. Raft Survival Island Forest Escape 2019

 adventure games for android
 adventure games for android
Guys, if you a crazy lover of survival games then I suggest you try this survival game for one time because this game will provide you all the needed things that you need in any forest game. This is a brave man survival game and I know that you are the brave person who will play this game and unlocked the best skills than others. In this game here you have to find many various tools, weapons, and other important resources that would support you to survive in this unknown forest. Here you will face many various wild animals and many opponents and you have to face them to escape from the jungle.
The story of the game is that you are going to accomplish a secret mission so that you are going for the secret mission by plane but suddenly the plane got crushed by the enemy’s attack, and your plane falls on the desert. No-one is with you on the unknown island so that here you have to survive by using your jungle skills, Also You have to survive from hunger so that you have to find a meal for yourself.
Though you are an alone survivor in this survival action-packed mobile game or adventure game, you have to make your escape survive mission or a survival take on this island & safari jungle. This mobile game will provide you more pleasure more features more settings than other raft simulator android games or Raft Survival android games.
You can also take it as a war…! yes, think that you are in a war and you have to survive by creating safety shelter for the night. Like the other sea games, you have to find a meal by hunting animals like deer and dinos. Also here in this game you can create your survival tools and use them to defeat wild animals, to create other tools, to create shelters, and many more.
You are also allowed to use everything to survive the island. In many places, you can see many medical kits, and by finding fruits and meal you can boost your energy level and it helps you to survive more time in this unknown volcano island. Also, you have to hunt carnivores, omnivores to defend yourself or for food.
Survival on this wilderness is a hard time challenge where you need to gather various resources likes woods, weapons, stones, axes, and ropes. Here you will also hear that the wild animals are roaming freely in the rain forest and also you can feel that the wild animals are in hunt of prey, defend yourself from the wilderness and other dangers.
By spending more time in this interesting survival game, I am dam sure that you will forget all other multiplayer online android games and forest online games. So let’s discover the whole forest and find the best places and thinks in the rain-forest. And if you have played other exploring surviving android games then you can imagine how interesting is the mobile game.
So why are you waiting for download now by using the link……and enjoy the interesting survival game.

4. Tamed: Forest Survival

 adventure games for android
 adventure games for android
This is another awesome survival game and in this game, and here you played as a helpless person. The story of the game is that when you wake up you will find yourself in an unknown forest where no one is with you to help so that you have to survive here by using your creative skills. In the game you are hungry…you don’t have a shelter to stay…also you don’t have a weapon that helps you to fight against wild animals or other enemies. So here you have to gather some wood to create a shelter…but you have to create the shelter faster before the wild animals will sense that you are helpless.
A huge meteorite has destroyed the earth that you once knew. All that remains is a wide-open, partially destroyed forest. These girls are dismissive and ready to take on any challenge to face. But you have to keep one thing in mind that your main goal is to explore this big jungle full of wildlife that needs training. You can also collect mushrooms, and also find other important resources. You can also create many various guns or weapons and also you can create magic.
Start this game and become a pro survivor by developing your hunting skills. Also here in this game, you have to find your mate when the time comes. The most interesting part of this game that you can control wild animals such as a giant beer, or even a giant flying dragon and many more animals.

5. Cooking Joy – Super Cooking Games, Best Cook!

 adventure games for android
 adventure games for android
Get on the cruise ship and go on a culinary adventure with cooking joy! Come and cook delicious food or prepare fruit drinks! This super-addictive time management game will give you an experience of cooking games you’ll never forget.
Guys are you a big fan of casual games such as restaurant games, cooking games, fast restaurant games, serving order games then this game is only for you. because it is a full package of cooking and serving game. Here you can serve delicious foods or dishes, drinks to your hungry customers in amazing restaurants.
Cook & Serve hungry customers in many various fancy restaurants! So Get ready to become the best cooking chef in every kitchen that this game has to offer!
Here you have to manage all the restaurants that are located all over the tropical islands. While playing You’ll be feeling like a dashing restaurant manager! Not to mention the special kitchenware that makes you the greatest digital chef in this food game.
you can also play this game to practice cooking techniques and management skills. So why are you waiting to just immerse yourself in the cooking craze? By combining different dishes you can create your delicious food or dishes, and this is the most exciting thing about this game.
The customers in this game can’t wait for you to show up and cook delicious food for them because they also exciting to eat your dishes. It will be a real cooking challenge! But nothing you can’t handle as the best cook in town!
Keep up with the rush hours, become better at time management. There will be a lot of levels loaded with enough orders for you to enjoy and even more to come. So put your chef hat on and start cooking! 
Why you should NOT hesitate any longer:
Exciting cooking game with many fancy restaurants
  • There in the game, you can see Many Fun and Challenging Levels where you can cook your butt off
  • Unlock New Restaurants that pushes your Cooking Dreams to the next level
  • Upgrade your Kitchen and Level Up to become a Super Chef!
  • Exciting World Tournament with Fast Food Dishes

6. Crazy Restaurant Chef – Cooking Games 2020

 adventure games for android
 adventure games for android
play the latest cooking generation game on your mobile by installing this Crazy restaurant chef game. Here in this game, the peoples of a city and restaurant are waiting for you. Cook up to the point that magazines talk about you and your tasty delicious food. Be a great chef and manage your kitchen in your way.
You can also Open lots of restaurants in different cities. Dominate all the kitchen methods from all over the world with simple taps.
So, Prepare your mind and hands to fry shrimps, fill a glass of wine and stir up the wok in the pan. All at the same time! Get crazy and serve all the customers the correct order.
here you have to find all the keys in each level to access more restaurants and earn as much money as you can to level up your kitchenware.

7. Head Chef – Kitchen Restaurant Cooking Games

 adventure games for android
 adventure games for android
Guys this is another best cooking game but it different than other cooking games. here in the game, you are not only the owner of the restaurant, which means you can decorate your restaurant as much as you like but also the chef with dreams. You can easily cook delicacies from all over the world.
Whether it is a dessert shop or a fast-food restaurant, or a breakfast shop or a western restaurant, you can offer people the most beautiful restaurant scene to choose from. You can practice cooking in different environments as per your choice.
Very easy to play
  • this is an Offline game so that you can easily play this game anytime, anywhere.
  • also, it has a Checkpoint mode, fill up your boring time
  • Click to cook delicious food and present delicious food at any time

8. Raft Survival Forest

 adventure games for android
 adventure games for android
Raft survival forest is an awesome FPS survival game. The story of this game is that you are traveling on a plane to go to your place but suddenly the plane crashed into an unknown island. However, you are the lucky man who survived but some time later you realized that you are trapped on an unknown island. So that on the island your first goal is to find important resources to create it overnight and build a home.
You can also play this game as a learning game that how to survive on an island…? and how to find a perfect meal…? and how to create a weapon to fight against wild animals…?. You feel very lonely and lost in the dense jungle. You can learn here bushcraft skills to grow and survive in the unknown jungle. Here you have to search for food to boost up your power and also you have to build a shelter to spent terrible nights. Also, you will hear rumors that many people got lost in the forest and later found him dead.
Raft Survival Forest Feature:
  • Here you will see marvelous & Amazing 3D Hill Mountain Survival Environment
  • The controls and setting is too easy to control so that you can freely move  & Hunt the Bigfoot creature
  • You can also explore many places in the jungle.
  • By finding and using the resources you can build your own home.
  • Find hidden camps in the huge island

9. Jungle Adventures 3

 adventure games for android
 adventure games for android
Jungle Adventure 3 is an awesome running type game. here the characters run through the jungle to searching for food. This is the third part of jungle adventure and in this new series here you will see some awesome new features.
The story of an enraptured forest – In search of some food in the middle of the night, our hero Addu witnesses a tragic sight of the jungle. the story of the game is that ere in the game the cute Furry people of the forest were being kidnapped by a gang of goons. So that you have to join Addu and his friends on this amazing adventure through remarkable worlds to help him save the Fur family while facing epic challenges that blocking his path.
there you have to keep in mind only three things that are run, jump and smash your way through a breathtaking journey of the new Jungle Adventures 3 to experience an adventure, unlike any other games that you play before.
Game’s Features:
  • In this game here you will experience an awesome exciting mix of fun and exploration.
  • Enjoy the beautiful and stunning graphics that increase your amazing visuals.
  • Here Addu has new abilities and pets.
  • You can also play unique challenges and tons of bosses to battle.
  • very easy to control this game and such an awesome sound feels better than the previous series.
  • More obstacles, power-ups, and achievements added in this new series of Jungle Adventure 3

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