Top (Ultimate) 5 Best Cricket games for PC in 2020 - Software for pc Top (Ultimate) 5 Best Cricket games for PC in 2020

Top (Ultimate) 5 Best Cricket games for PC in 2020

Hey guys, are you searching for some best cricket games for PC in 2020.?
If yes! then you are in the right place ever on internet world just keep read this post till at end.
Most of the cricket lovers want to play some best cricket games for PC, but they can not able to find out the best one, So after seeing this we had created a list of top 5 Best Cricket games for PC, Which surely will help you.
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Cricket games for PC
Cricket is a world’s famous game and literally i love it too, But now the point is to play “Cricket games on PC” and it is very easy but to choose a best and awesome cricket game for your PC is sometimes hard. Mostly people want to play some real and realistic high quality cricket games for PC and they always searching for it on internet and did not able to find out the best one.
So after our research we select the top 5 best Cricket games for your PC, which can solve your realistic problem and transform it into the new world of cricket games.
Are you excited now to see the list of Top 5 Best Cricket games for PC in 2020.?
If Yes! Then Let’s get started.

5 PC Cricket Game

1. World Cricket Championship 2

Cricket games for PC
Cricket games for PC
Welcome to the Next up level Generation of PC Cricket Game “World cricket championship 2”! I think each and every cricket lover should know about this game, The most advanced realistic 3D mobile PC game at the top of their hands! Here you can play the maximum number of cricket shots including the famous scoop shot, the Helicopter shot (MS Dhoni) and the most played shot cover drive, paddle sweeps and Uper-Cut as well! This is one of the best cricket game which is specially build for cricket lovers.
You easily can customize your player skin, dress, teams and captains as well, plus cheer you team with customized banners in crowd! You can also look forward to scintillating 3d realistic animations, more cricketing venues, new and amazing controls with new camera angles! ‘World Cricket Championship 2’ has features that makes it the most the most dynamic and versatile game in the world of mobile and PC cricket.
Features include’s: ·
  • 55+ different batting shots, including the most wanted river swipeeps, paddle sweeps, late cut, cover drive and pull etc.
  • Much awesome and time saving Autoplay mode for batting and Bowling!
  • Realistic fielding with stunning diving catches & quick throws to surprise the opponent with amazing crowd
  • Realistic maps in each cities with every type of pitches (Dead, Dusty, Green) · Player attributes – Player get coins for autoplay  their opponent team batting or bowling via this you can save your time and enjoy your game.

2. Cricket Revolution

Cricket revolution Pc game is an awesome and interesting game that gives you some different but too much good experience of playing. Cricket Revolution game was created by Mindstorm Studios. The developer made this game very unique and challenging on its own where every cricket lovers can experience new revolutionary gameplay. And the revolutions are included with batting, bowling, and fielding.
You can also play this game as a single-player mode or as a multiplayer mode. If you are playing in the single-player mode you will also get a new revolutionary experience of playing while in this mode where you are playing against the system. And in the multi Player mode, the developer added some other awesome features like here you can organize your tournaments, matches, and much more by the opponent as his friends.
Here you will see am awesome comprehensive score tracking system and this one gives you realistic gameplay. Here the person can track the statistics and performance of the match.
The graphics quality of this game is really impressive. And here in this game, you can choose the shot selection, and also you can hit the ball by proper action and angle.
The player can experience a powerful bowling attack as well he can do balling while the other team does batting. Balling with all action and power makes it more enjoyable. With beautiful AI techniques, they can get proper prizes and awards. The player can also customize the team, country, players, their faces, skills, and much more with fully dynamic and customizable gameplay. The player can also see different expressions on the faces of character, different voices of each character which make the game more interesting. If you like playing this game then you may like the game Brian Lara International Cricket 2007. You can download it free from our website.

3. Ashes Cricket 2017 

Best cricket games for PC
Cricket games for PC
Guys this is the second awesome cricket that we listed on our list. If you are a cricket lover then I recommended you play this game for once to see the awesome features. So before downloading first look at the review of this game.
Do you know that Ashes Cricket 2017 was created or developed by Big Ant Studios…? The developer developed this game for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. So don’t worry if you have any of them you can easily play this game. It was built with the Proprietary engine.
Let’s talk about the game…
Ashes Cricket 2017 is an awesome cricket game. The full game represents the greatest match between Australia and England. This game also was fully based on the 2017 to 2018 ashes tours. In the ashes tour of 2017-2018, it includes both men and Women’s team. The developers also added motion capturing features and it captured both team motions. You will also see here an awesome realistic graphics and attitude toward the players.
Game’s Features:
  • Career Mode: In the career mode of this game will give you more fun or enjoyment while playing. Here you can also get the experience of reaching from club cricket to the international level.
  • Customization: You can also customize your players, Umpires according to your desire, and that gives you an awesome experience of playing.
  • Stadiums: You can enjoy playing on all the official stadiums of the 2017-1018 ashes tour.
  • Online Mode: In the Online mode you can also play with the Global PLayers. So, are you ready to compete with top-class ashes game players…? Yes, then proof that by playing this game.

4. Cricket 19

Best cricket games for PC
Cricket games for PC
Cricket 19 is an awesome game where you will see the complete cricket simulation. This game also features a box of latest features that add even greater depth. This game also created by Big Ant Studios’.
The key features of Cricket 19 games:
Scenario mode
With these features, you can create a match situation and that allows you to jump into a match at any time. By using this mode you can also create a dramatic test match, in which a historical team was able to chase an impossible total, or draw a draw from a horrible situation and then share (or change) your creations online to challenge friends to recreate History.
Lead your nation to world glory
In this game here you Will also tackle unlimited hard challenges on the one-day cricket match. In the ODI championship here you will play against the world’s best team to duke it out.
Rich career mode
In this game here you can also develop your team into one of the greatest players in the sport – perhaps even captaining their country. By developing the players you can get them however you like, and perform well, so the news headlines sing your praises, enabling you to earn lucrative sponsorship deals and catch the notice of selectors!

5. Don Bradman Cricket 17

Guys, this one is an awesome challenging game and that makes this game very tricky to bat. So, it means that there are very hard to six on every ball. Here you have to build your own innings to post a big total. The control of this game is too easy to control so that you can easily batting. The batting is pretty easy then the bowling due to its complicated controls. But you can’t hit the same shot on every ball. you can also create your mixed shots like the helicopter, reverse sweep, etc. after you build your innings.
Now when it comes to bowling arena, you’ll find all deliveries like the inswing yorkers, bouncers & Doosra for spinners. But wait you need to deliver the ball at good line and length. Only then you can take more wickets.
The fielding is the most vital part of cricket. You’ll find some drop catches & some stunning catches depend on your fielder strength. So, the best fielder will have good fielding standards.