World’s Best 5 Games to Play With Friends in 2020

Hey, are you looking for the best games to play with friends.? Oh, I get it, you mean yes alright. So Tension not if you are here and reading this article then make sure that this gaming site will help you find out your best games to play with your friends ever.
So, munirweb here and in this article, we will surely talk about some World’s Best 5 Games Play With Friends in 2020. Via which you can easily invest your time in some good stuff threw gaming.
Games Play With Friends

So as you know that multi-player games are super excited because they also allow you to play with your friends, family members or some random one, Via which you can keep your bonding and relationship strong.
There are lot’s of Category in multi-player games, action, adventure, Shooting, brain games, Puzzle, sports and many more.. But Mostly people like action games and shooting because they have lot’s of dramas thrilling actions which relate people even better.
After our research by seeing people interest in games we created a top 5 list of Games to Play With Friends, And i hope that you like these all games that we selected in our top 5 list.
Are you excited now to see the list of Top 5 Games to Play With Friends .?
If Yes! Then Let’s get started.

5 Games to Play with your friends online

1. Clash of clans

Games to Play With Friends
games play with friends
Clash of clans is one of the world’s one of the best online mobile game which has over 500+ millions of active users in 2020, The game is about Upgrading your town hall, Buildings and increase your village in daily bases.
Every year the company (Supercell) comes with their new new updates and be their viewer’s happy. If you don.t know how to play “Clash of clans” Then read this article this below:
  • The game is set in a fantasy themed persistent world where the player is a king of a village and have to upgrade their town hall and buildings to max out their village.
  • (Resources, elixer and dark elixer) is the main part of this game, gained though attacking on other players villages.
  • Here you also can join or create (Groups) clans up to fifty People where you can chat and message with them and play war with other clans called enemy.
Building Features:
  • To earn and store gold and elixer, player must have to build gold mines, elixer collector fir storage you you have to build gold storage and elixer storages, respectively elixer used to train troops and carry out research in the laboratory to upgrade troops. In other hand Gold is used to upgrade your town hall and Building like Cannons, Mortar, Bombs, archer tower, hidden tesla and many more, which helps you to strong your village.
Village Hero’s:
  • Barbarian king (Town Hall 7)
  • Archer Queen ( Town hall 9 )
  • Grand Warden ( Town hall 11 )
  • Royal champion (Town hall 13)
These all hero’s will Help you while attacking on your enemy village with troops.

2. PUBG or Player Unknown’s battleground

Games to Play With Friends

games play with friends
Player Unknown’s battleground or in short PUBG is better known to all gamers. PUBG started his journey on PC, Yes PUBG is a PC game. But after some time PUBG released the mobile version, known as PUBG Mobile. Do you know that somehow PUBG Mobile significantly better than the Xbox version from a technical standpoint. The players also find that in the mobile version it has a better texture than the PC version and the frame is more stable. Also, it doesn’t support crossplay with PC and console so that there is no danger of opting into a lopsided match against people playing with more accurate controls.
Let’s talk about game facilities:
In PUBG Mobile here players play as a mercenary, A mercenary who parachutes, along with 99 enemy players, onto an island. After land onto the island player have to find weapons, ammo, armor, and other useful supplies. Here you have to fight against 99 players and if you stand out till at last, you will be the champion of the game. At first, you will see a large map but time by the time the safe area compressed so that you have to get into the safe area. I hope I successfully clear all the doubts of yours.
PUBG Mobile doesn’t need the most powerful phone:
One of the main things of that game is PUBG mobile work on mobile is the increased power and screen size that average mobile devices now offer. Nowadays, maximum smartphones are pretty good and provide lots of features so that you can say that maximum phones are eligible to play PUBG Mobile.
We especially experienced in many various devices of various companies and we realized that a large phone screen will give a better experience than the small screen. But don’t feel sad if you don’t have a small screen because on the small screen you will also feel a better experience. you can also play this game easily on any mid-range mobile.
PUBG Mobile addresses a good number of graphical elements to the game and it also automatically detects the best setting for you. But giving you control over the solution, coloration, and other settings. And mainly you can also edit the rate of frame wherever you find that you’re not getting a smooth experience.
The biggest barrier of this game to play that we’ve found is connectivity. Yes, connectivity. If you don’t have a good connection and you are worried about it, then there is nothing to worried because this game easily runs on any connection.
Generally, as a speaker, I say that the graphics quality is pretty good, and the game does play smoothly–but it’s important to make sure you have your brightness turned up and any night mode turned off then you will enjoy the quality graphics.
Gameplay and controls:
The main thing about this game is that here in the PUBBG Mobile you have to survive. In this game there you can’t find any plot. here you have to gather, kill your enemies, and avoid being killed. It has many several different modes that always Never let you be bored. After every update, you will see something new and awesome but revolve around Classic and Arcade modes.
in the classic mode, there are 100 players are dropping into one of three maps. The arcade mode has different versions so that you always see something new. Also, you can change the length of the game, the size of the map or restricting the selection of weapons.
This game also provides a third-person and also the first-person perspective and letting you choose how you play.
And we all know that the main thing about any mobile game is controls and information. And in this game, the makers provide you lots of movement controls to the minimap, to voice and text communication, as well as weapon controls, because there is available a lot on the display.
Overall review of this game:
It is an awesome mobile game that comes with a carries a lot of features and If you want any game that I recommended then I will provide you PUBG Mobile to play.

3. Garena Free Fire

games play with friends
games play with friends
Guys do you know about Garena Free Fire.?
Let me tell you about the game…
Garena Free Fire game is a new awesome survival shooter mobile game published by Indonesia’s top publishers. This game also available for Android and iOs platforms so that if you have one of them then you can play this awesome survival game easily. Nowadays we mainly Zombie types of games as survival games. But this game changed everything and here you see new things that you never saw before. People also say that it is a battling type of game.
So, let’s get start with the Free Fire Battlegrounds review
Feature of the Game (Best Action Game)
Game Controls:
In this Free Fire Battleground, you need to master a lot of controls because it has a lot of features like attack, scope, run, lay down, jump, sit on the floor. there you also can’t see IFS or Buts if you are not used to it. This time you will have a very hard time getting accustomed to it as we went through.
Let’s talk about the experience that I get while playing. After download first I open the app and see the loading screen and within a sec I entered into the lobby. In the lobby, I see everything/every option that I saw in the lobby. Then I click the start button and within a few seconds, I have seen myself into the training room. and there has a timer of 30 seconds, and after that, I am in the game.
There I am on a plane and see the jump button so that I click that then I jump into the plane then I glide and get down in the land. after that started finding all the needed thing and kill many enemies.
It’s a great experience while I was playing.
Let talk about the quality of Graphics…
The graphics quality of this game is not pretty good but not even bad. We score 82 out of 100. It is a low spec game and that is the main reason why the quality is not pretty good. I know the graphics quality is more important for some players but it has a benefit that you can easily run this game in any mid to low spec mobiles.
Garena, in our opinion, did a great job to optimize the size of the game to suit Indonesian (or Southeast Asian) players, who mainly use and play using mid to low-end phones.
Level Wise Game…
Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game and best of all it is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Each session has a 10-minute game space and that is a place on an unknown island where you have to fight 49 other players, and each game player wants to survive and win.
At the beginning of the game, players can undoubtedly choose their starting point while others parachute to their destination. And if you want to get booyah, your first goal is to be in the safe zone for as long as possible. To explore more things you can drive different vehicles on the expansive map and find all the secret grooves or become invulnerable by trimming under the grass.
Ambush, snipe and survive, there is only one goal that you have to survive and become the apex of them all.
4-man squad, with in-game voice chat
Also here you have the option to create your legend team or your squads of up to 4 players and establish communication with your squad at the very first moment. Lead and command your friends to victory and be the last team standing at the apex.
Ten minutes, 50 players, epic survival goodness awaits
The game gives you ten minutes to start the new inning, a new one will survive. Does all this depend on if you are on top of all the other players?

4. Ludo King™

games play with friends
games play with friends
Guys, are you want to play Ludo with your friends then this game provides you the feature to play with your friends. Ludo King™ is a standard board game and here you can play online or offline with your friends, family members, or others.
Ludo King is a cross-platform multiplayer game that supports any kind of mobile device like desktop, Android, iOS and Windows. You can also play this with your family and friends offline, where the player can play with Computer or, Local multiplayer (play and pass mode).
This game also provides you many various awesome themes
  • Nature Theme
  • Egypt Theme
  • Disco / Night mode Theme
  • Pinball Theme
  • Candy Theme
  • Christmas Theme
New things of this game
  • New Awesome LIVE THEMES !!!
  • Real-time chat with friends and buddies
  • Make new buddies worldwide
  • you can also challenge Facebook friends/buddies
  • Also has the Save/Load Ludo game option
  • Player statistics with XP and level up system
  • More user-friendly UI
  • Support extended to Low spec devices
Features of Ludo King:
  • There is no internet connection needed to play because you can also play against the computer.
  • Play with your family and friends in offline and Online Multiplayer.
  • Play 2 to 6 Player Local Multiplayer Mode.
  • Invite and challenge your Facebook Friends in a private game room and beat them to become the Ludo King.
  • Play with world players and make them your buddies.
  • Express your expression by sending emojis to your opponents.
  • Play Snake and Ladders on 7 different gameboard variations.
  • Graphics with a classic look and the feel of a dice game.

Tennis Clash: 3D Free Multiplayer Sports Games

games play with friends
games play with friends
If you want to play sports games with your friends then you can choose this ultimate online sports game. This is one of the most popular online multiplayer sports game. Go to an instant 3-minute online 1v1 tennis game or start promoting your career in an action-packed, real-time multiplayer 3D free game. Compete against your friends and family members and beat them in a fun, multiplayer, world-class sports tournament. This is the best free sports game around! Have fun!
if you were tired of other sports games where it involves too much luck and too little skill then you have to play this one because tennis Clash is all about mastering your skills and raising your game to become a legend. You can also challenge worldwide players and also join the worldwide championship tours spanning from New York to Sydney. Can you become the next Grand Slam Champion?
Tennis Clash Features:
  • here you can Play with friends in fun multiplayer tennis matches in the best sports game.
  • Cool 3D Ultimate graphics that rival the top sports games.
  • Win games, collect trophies and climb the ranks to become the top player in the world.
  • Equip your character with different gears including rackets, sports shoes, racket strings, and many other things to give yourself
Play in world-class venues in the US, France, Australia, Great Britain and much more!