Got a OnePlus Phone? Here Are 7 Apps You Need to Be Using - Software for pc Got a OnePlus Phone? Here Are 7 Apps You Need to Be Using

Got a OnePlus Phone? Here Are 7 Apps You Need to Be Using

From a better image gallery to a faster way to update your phone and more, these apps are essential for all OnePlus users.

OnePlus phones have always been recognized for the satisfying individual experience that OxygenOS has actually provided. In addition to that, a number of third-party applications tailored to OnePlus gadgets, in particular, have likewise surfaced that more improve the experience of using your phone.In this short article, we have actually included several of the best apps for OnePlus gadgets that you need to be using. From an useful practical application to one that perks up your wallpaper, we’ve got it all covered.

1.Oxygen Updater

Oxygen Updater is fairly possibly the most effective buddy application you can mount on your OnePlus gadget. The app removes the excruciatingly long period of time that many OTA updates typically take to roll out globally.Once mounted, the application automatically recognizes your phone’s version and allows you choose between a stable or beta update route. The next time OnePlus launches any type of brand-new upgrade for your phone, Oxygen Updater allows you download the update plan, so you can by hand upgrade OxygenOS on your phone.Besides showing changelogs as well as device information, the app additionally maintains you approximately date with appropriate information from OnePlus.Download: Oxygen Updater (Free, in-app purchases available)

2.OnePlus Community Oxygen

Updater is fairly potentially the most effective companion application you can install on your OnePlus gadget. The app eliminates the excruciatingly very long time that many OTA updates typically require to present globally.Once mounted, the app instantly determines your phone’s design and lets you select in between a steady or beta update course. The next time OnePlus launches any type of brand-new upgrade for your phone, Oxygen Updater lets you download the upgrade plan, so you can manually update OxygenOS on your phone.Besides showing changelogs and also gadget details, the app also maintains you approximately day with pertinent information from OnePlus.Download: Oxygen Updater (Free, in-app acquisitions readily available)

3.Duplicate Phone

Previously referred to as OnePlus Switch, this app meets a really fundamental requirement. If you’re updating to a more recent phone, it makes the transfer process exceptionally smooth. All you require is the Clone Phone application installed on both the phones, and you’re one QR code scan far from recovering your apps and also data.Items you can support include applications, pictures, video clips, music, and basically every sort of file. The app does an excellent work of moving data without triggering collisions or corruption issues on your brand-new phone. Regrettably, you can no longer use this app as a regional backup tool. The good news is, there are various other ways through which you can take a total back-up of your Android phone.

4.Gallery by Google

Sadly, this is more of a demand than simply a great app to have, thanks to exactly how slow-moving the supply gallery app on OnePlus tools is. Gallery by Google is an actually straightforward picture application that has a couple of dress up its sleeve.Over time, it can recognize patterns in your images as well as sort them instantly right into categories such as selfies, animals, or food. It additionally brings a few modifying tools to quickly repair your photos.Gallery by Google works even when offline and has an integrated dark setting. Conversely, you can make use of Google Photos itself for also better classification as well as functions like Google Lens assimilation as well as cloud backup.Download: Gallery by Google (Free)

5.Zen Mode

We all have problem focusing on the task available sometimes as well as our smartphones add a number as an interruption. OnePlus first showcased Zen Setting as a fast toggle in previous versions of OxygenOS, as well as it has now become its very own app, loaded with extra styles and more options.The idea behind Zen Mode is extremely straightforward. You set a timer for a particular quantity of minutes or hours as well as your phone virtually becomes dead weight till the timer resets. You can still take and place emergency phone calls however will certainly be lacking any kind of notifications.The application has a couple of motifs with predetermined songs that might improve your productivity if you select to leave it unmuted. Zen Mode also allows you develop a space where you can invite pals or family members to join a tiny digital detox with each other.

6.OnePlus Games

OnePlus phones are popular for their gaming capacities, and the OnePlus Games app is a wonderful center to monitor all your digital adventures. The app shows a checklist of all the video games you have mounted with a one-tap button to introduce them.OnePlus Games also acts as a catalog for the most prominent games readily available on the Play Store. You can check out user reviews which are commonly a lot more thorough than the ones you discover on the Play Store.The application has a great gallery that contains all your screenshots and screen recordings of video games perfectly arranged in folders. You can likewise view data such as the hours you have actually spent per game to better manage your time.Each game likewise has a neighborhood tab where you can locate relevant news and also video clips. Any video games launched utilizing this app will certainly likewise allow the pc gaming setting as well as boost points such as performance as well as network connectivity by obstructing various other apps as well as notices.


With applications that help you counter your smart device addiction rising, numerous programmers have been getting creative while benefiting the improvement of others. WallPaper is an instinctive electronic wellness app that takes the form of an online wallpaper on your home screen.The application was created by OneLab, an imaginative team functioning within OnePlus itself. WallPaper has six vibrant wallpapers that inform you about your display time and also which applications you’ve been utilizing the most. The arboretum wallpaper, for example, has 7 flowers of various shades that each stand for a classification like enjoyment, social media, or education. The size of each blossom then allows you understand which group you have actually been spending way too much time on throughout the day. While the restricted as well as overly simplified wallpapers may not be of taste to every person, the app might help in reducing your screen time by knowingly advising you about it every now and also again. Make the Most Out of Your OnePlus Device

The applications we handpicked all job wonderful with OnePlus tools and also enhance the experience of using them well. With the expanding number of functions that OxygenOS has been adding with every brand-new upgrade, there’s a whole lot even more to find and take pleasure in with your OnePlus phone.