How to turn an ordinary email into a professional marketing machine

According to the research an average worker sends 40 business emails every day and there are 10,000 emails per employee each year. So those are more than 10 million emails a year for a company.

Email marketing is still a very successful method of reaching the target audience
It has the potential to be up to 40 time more successful than social media. 

These are the steps to promote your business through emails :

1.Make sure you focus on a single goal.

2.Targeting the audience attention 

3.make sure your emails are easy to read and they should be attractive to the audience. 

4.We have to use an action- oriented language. 

5.The designs of your emails should be eye catching to the audience.

6.The emails should have professional fonts.

7.CTA - call to action it instructs the customers the steps to be followed. 

8.Make sure it has to be suitable for all the devices like mobiles, laptops.

9.The subject line should grab the audience attention.

10.Make sure the content in your emails should be relevant to the audience.

11.personalize your emails like use content blocks to customize sections.

12.include social media for advertising.