What is progressive profiling and how can it help you to be better at marketing.

Progressive profiling means collection of personal information about the clients.
In this the same question won’t repeat twice. 
It will not ask you the same details again if you have filled the details already.
It is implemented using marketing automation tools.
Benefits of progressive profiling 
. It contains a shorter form to fill the details within seconds.
.It contains consumer information.

 . Progressive profiling allows their customers control their data by using forms which are required to      be filled by the visitors.  Customers can have their confidence because their data  is safe.  

. Progressive profiling helps the each individual by providing relevant offers and content to the   customers. Targeting the audience and more likely to know what they need.

.We can collect the data in small bits. 
. we can gather the feedback on products (or) services.
. Learning the types of rewards that motivates customers for the sake of purchase.
. Different marketing automation tools use varying ways to set up progressive profiling.
. A company’s marketing team will prepare a list of questions they wanted to ask like email address,
. First name, last name , company name , permanent address, job position.

How does progressive profiling work in marketing.
Progressive profiling can work easily on every stage of buyer’s journey. It has an built in web form in the marketing. The web form can detect information and ask the next level information. 

you have to create awareness for the visitors of your website. At the stage of asking basic information you would ask about their name and email address. 
.you should not ask them their phone number. 
. CTA - call to action stage is to get more content and you can ask for further information including his job role and job title.
. In the buyer’s journey there will be awareness interest, consideration stage ,decision stage.

Implementation of progressive profiling 
Progressive profiling is the most powerful strategy in marketing.

Data collection strategy
The data collection strategy is aligned with the marketing.
we need to collect key points from prospects to support personalization.
Balancing the form fields 
So balancing the form fields and the value of information you’re collecting. 
Asking for additional information.

Data privacy 
You should ensure the data protection to the prospects. Implementing data security will be a safe guard for the prospects information
Review and update form fields 
Removing unnecessary fields in the data collection process and review the form fields that are used in progressive profiling.